Iterative project


Figma – PHP – CSS3 – HTML5 – JavaScript – Google API

Trhacker was an iterative project where we had to create a pervasive game in connection with the city where we live and playable in public spaces.
The goal of our game is to « hack » other people with the application in public parks that are the arenas. Those parks are displayed in blue on the map, by clicking on it, you can see if a game is in progress and join it.

Thanks to the radar, we locate our target, but you should be discrete if you want to hack him. Because if you are spotted, your target can protect himself and hack you back. If you are being hack a notification pop on your phone, so you can protect yourself.
If you loose, your screen and your flashlight will blink and flash, and the vibrator of your phone will vibrate randomly.

You can try it here : Demo
You can use those login details to log on
username: user – password: password

Made with: Quentin LuylierPaul DuclosCyriac Jannel